The continuation…… 

My first time hosting Shabbat lunch, was in no better terms, AMAZING, FUN, EXHILARATING. I don’t know if I said it in my last post but I was very very very nervous about hosting people for lunch. While right now I’m not allowed to say the brachas over Bread (Ha’Motzi) or Kiddush, its kind of a bummer but one day soon I will be and trust me the party is already being thought about and the money is being saved. My friend who is so kind and willing to help me during this process said both the blessings fantastically and I’m eternally grateful for his continued help. I had seven, yup 7 people for lunch, all people I know and who have become close friends since my decision to join the community and begin my conversion. I bought a bright white table cloth (which now has a stain) from wine but it’ll be reminder of this first time and a challah board. 

I follow the Sephardic custom of pulling the challah apart instead of cutting it. And I also bought Netilyat Yedayim towel just for Shabbat. 
The wine was flowing, and so was the water, the laughter, the conversation, the joyfulness went straight to my heart and soul. I loved having people over and I hope it showed on my face while my guests were here. I did thank them after Shabbat ended on Facebook so it’s public.  I can’t wait to host again which will be this week.  
Lunch was Ropa Vieja, a Cuban dish that is my absolute favorite and it was over brown rice. This was it before it was cooked. 

I also made a parve Chocolate “not so mousse” Mousse cake. It doesn’t show well in photos but it’s scrumptious.  

3 thoughts on “The continuation…… 

  1. Glad you had a good Shabbos.
    I have to say I’m surprised that you’d be encouraged to host your own shabbos table before you have completed your conversion rather than be encouraged to spend time at families to see how it is done.

    A word of warning. If you want to do an Orthodox conversion, ensure that the Beis Din you are going to is one which is internationally recognised. It would be a shame to go through the whole process only to find that your conversion is not recognised by all, which appears to be your aim.

    • I’ve been visiting other families for Shabbat for several months now, and there is really no better way to learn than “on the job” right? So while I didn’t turn on my oven and stove I did do all the cooking. It’s still considered as been cooked by a Jew. I was a great decision by my rabbi to encourage me to do it and I wish more would do it this way, it really shows the candidate what Shabbat is all about.
      That’s the age old decision and especially since the chillul HaShem of the past weeks by the Israeli Supreme Rabbinic Court who knows which will be acceptable. One may be acceptable today and tomorrow not.

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